Alessi the dream factory

Founded in 1921 in Lake Orta, Alessi has offered thousands of objects in its history, many of which have become icons of contemporary design. Alessi universe has more than three hundred authors from all over the world and includes different product categories – tableware, kitchen accessories, cooking tools, small appliances, furnishing accessories, lighting -, also dedicated to the person.

Alessi’s mission is to translate the search for the most advanced cultural, aesthetic and functional quality into mass-produced industrial objects. One of its most important characteristics is the ability to be both a modern company and a research laboratory in the field of applied arts, working on a border line, in balance between the most advanced expressions of international creativity and the requests from the customers.

The company is open to changes and international development, and, at the same time, is deeply focused in the tradition and the cultural background of its territory.

The core business of the company is the production of objects in stainless steel, by cold forging of metals. The company plant is in Crusinallo, Italy.

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