Christofle the art of silver

Christofle is an innovative French brand with an international reputation, which has been working since 1830 with the most famous designers, combining the exceptional knowledge of silversmith with the originality of contemporary design. Christofle is a brand with a great reputation in the world of “Art de Vivre” and has a timeless quality image. With its history and its values, Christofle designs the future.

Its style mixes heritage and modernity, combining elegance and sophistication. This lifestyle is expressed not only on the table, but also on decoration and jewelry objects. In 1830, Charles Christofle (1805-1863) began his career as a jeweler. In 1842, he purchased the gold and silver electrolysis patent and became the first man to develop a method to plate gold and silver. Christofle became a silversmith. It was the beginning of Christofle’s success. Through its creations, whether they are for the tables of an emperor, a maharaja, the Orient Express, the transatlantic steamers or contemporary interiors around the world, Christofle offers a lifestyle to every person: it is a delicate mix of emotions, conviviality and shared pleasures.

With a natural elegance, Christofle is a special partner for every precious moment in life.

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