Morandin doesn’t mean only design tableware. We also offer the most exclusive lighting brands. We will help you to create your spaces with a special attention to details, whether it is a single room or an entire house.

We select lighting brands with vocation and culture in the art of glass, such as the great Murano masters or the great French Maisons, where the crystal changes clothes and becomes extremely bright, carved and captured by a kaleidoscope of colors.

Unique objects and great designers such as Philippe Starck and Marcel Wanders, just to say a few names, can make each project special and unique.

The light, enriched with bright materials and innovative designs, creates an original and exclusive atmosphere. Young designers and big companies work together in the continuous search for sophisticated, bright and welcoming exhibition spaces.

Lighting is also porcelain, a noble and ancient material that has been offering its transparency and shine to create unique objects.

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