Richard Ginori beautiful obsessions since 1735

Every Richard Ginori product is created using pure porcelain composed of quartz, feldspar and china clay, incorporating artisanal and industrial production methods that have been developed over almost three hundred years, The entire process is carried out at the Sesto Fiorentino factory, from the first firing through to decoration. The different production cycles are followed by scrupulous quality control checks that certify the purity and perfection of each piece. Attention to detail is paramount, and is an expression of the know-how and expertise accumulated over time within the four walls of the factory.

Each Richard Ginori piece is unique. Every nuance of colour achieved through. the different decorative techniques used — for example, as seen in the painted products that are decorated or airbrushed by hand — is an expression of exceptional artisanal skill. Every single creation produced by the Sesto Fiorentino factory is emblematic of the history, artistry and Italian craftsmanship that lie at the heart of Richard Ginori. All Richard Ginori decorations are tested and are designed to be suitable for use in contact with food in accordance with the most stringent international regulations. Lead and cadmium migration is analysed for each decoration in accordance with EN 1388, ISO 6486, ASTM G738 and ASTM 0927 standards and the legal limits laid down by current Italian regulations, such as Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004 and Commission Directive No. 2005/31-EC. Products also comply with the Japanese Mi-/LW Migration Specification No. 370 (2008 revision) and the U.S. FDA Compliance Policy Guides 7117.06-7117.07.

The dishwasher resistance of Richard Ginori decorated products is assessed in accordance with standard EN 12875-4:2006. Most of the precious metals are not dishwasher-resistant. It is also recommended that products with pure gold decorations, although designed to withstand at least 500 dishwashing cycles, should be hand-washed with a gentle detergent. The resistance to microwave heating of Richard Ginori products is assessed in accordance with standard EN 15284:2007. Precious metals should not be heated in microwave ovens. Furthermore, not being specific products for oven use, Richard Ginori porcelain should not be used in either the oven or diretly in contact with the flame. The Richard Ginori customer care service is available to provide customers with further information about our products and their use.

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