Versace the creative universe

The Italian fashion house of Versace is one of the leading luxury brands around the world. A favorite of movie stars, rock stars and VIPs, Versace is known for extraordinary craftsmanship, exquisite details, brilliant color and bold prints. From the very beginning, the creative universe of Versace has always encompassed many disciplines, not just fashion, but design in the broadest sense and the essential art of living.

With the intention of further developing the idea of a Versace lifestyle, the Rosenthal partnership was established, making Versace not only a fashion brand, but also a way of life. Rosenthal, known for its excellence, design approach and high quality products, helps bring the fabulous Versace lifestyle to your home. The pair have conjured up various imaginary scenarios through their timeless yet contemporary decorated tableware collections for the 21st century customer.

Together, the two brands have developed the most elegant and refined Rosenthal meets Versace tableware and gift collections, incorporating some of the maison’s most iconic prints and motifs across a wide range of themes, mixing traditional and contemporary styles, that are truly Versace.

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